Nevertheless, the Trailbreak 30 is perhaps the least expensive sleeping that we would recommend for backpacking. The REI Trailbreak 30 could make your escape easier because it supplies respectable performance at a rock bottom price. Secondarily, we looked at durability, value, and noise. There’s no right or wrong, but it’s worth knowing what matters most to you before continuing. Pros: Affordable, good for tall campers The Big Agnes Pumphouse Ultra ($35) is sold separately and works as both a dry bag and an inflation bag. It also comes in an uninsulated version that retails for about $20 less. Not only do you get to enjoy being outside, but you don’t have to be as concerned with limiting weight or gear. But other backpackers may prefer to give up weight in other areas so they can happily carry a larger, more comfortable sleep pad. Photography by William M. Rochfort, Jr. Will is a freelance writer and photographer based in Carbondale, Colorado. We tallied up the scores, found the averages and presented the best of the best to you in this guide. REI’s Trailbreak sleeping bags are also hard to beat when it comes to price, thanks to the brand’s in-house development strategy. This queen-size sleep system is camp luxury at its finest. If you hate sleeping on thin pads or despise feeling winded after blowing up your sleeping pad, this is the pad for you. It doesn’t pack down small, but if comfort is what you’re after, the REI Kingdom delivers. It pairs well its namesake, the women’s or men’s Trailbreak 30 sleeping bag, creating a complete system of … Pros: Backcountry snuggling, thick If you’re just getting into the wonders of sleeping on the ground, you may be pleased with the addition of the REI Co-op Trailbreak to your sleep system. The REI Co-op Siesta 30 Sleeping Bag is as much sleeping bag as anyone could want for basic car camping, and it costs almost a third the price of more specialized backpacking options. The Sea to Summit Ether Light XT comes with an inflation bag integrated into the stuff sack, as does the Kelty Tru.Comfort Camp Bed. The right mattress will cushion your joints, insulate you from the cold ground and pair nicely with your sleeping bag. When shopping for a backpacking sleeping pad, you’re juggling the big three: low weight, adequate warmth and, well, padding. Bottom Line: The Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra provides unparalleled comfort for the price, making it a great option for backpackers willing to heft a bit more for a better night’s sleep. Thickness: 6″ Find pre-loved gear and clothing from REI. Thickness: 4.75″ In general, forking over a few extra bucks will get you some combination of increased comfort, durability, and warmth. New for 2020, Therm-a-Rest backpacking sleeping pads feature the WingLock Valve. Our primary considerations while testing were weight, packed size, comfort, warmth, and ease of use. Weight: 6 lbs. So I need a cover. It seems weird at first, but it’s much less energy-intensive than directly blowing up the pad. It’s the same easy-to-use Therm-a-Rest valves we’ve reliably used for years, except greatly improved. The contraption is extremely handy, weighs next to nothing (2.9 ounces), and significantly speeds up the process of inflating the pad.”, Weight: 2 lbs. Cons: Long-term durability concerns, less comfortable than other mattresses, See the Coleman Self-Inflating Camping Pad. The foam will expand, and the pad will partially inflate. We love a good value. There’s often a trade-off between durability and weight. It’s the same easy to use Therm-a-Rest valves we’ve reliably used for years, but greatly improved. Therm-a-Rest, REI, Sea-to-Summit, NEMO, Exped, and Big Agnes has released air mattresses and sleeping pads with the new R-values. One of our favorite things about this is the double air chambers. 9 oz. To get it fully inflated to your liking, though, you’ll have to blow a lungful of air or two into it. Instead of blowing it up, you simply open the valves and step on it until inflated. On the other, the NEMO Roamer is made with 75-denier polyester. This mat doesn’t pack down super small, comes with a hefty price tag, and is heavy at 7 pounds 10 ounces, but it offers unrivaled warmth and comfort. The redundancy alone is worth a few extra ounces, and the pad works great for car camping too. Self-inflating foam pads: These have open-cell foam insulation for warmth and padding, plus air inflation to enhance cushioning. Topics: Backpacking, Camping, Sleeping Bags/Pads. So you’ll have to decide which factor is most important to you. Thickness: 4″ Whether you’re looking to save ounces hiking into the backcountry, save a few bucks, or find the most comfortable camping mattress out there, there’s a sleeping pad for you. Constructed with air-cell-filled foam, these pads provide minimal warmth and minimal padding, but do so with minimal weight. Fill Water-resistant polyester If you fill it up firm, though, it doesn’t make much noise. Understanding your sleep preferences will help determine the best pad. Deflating the pad goes quickly thanks to the high-flow valves, but it can take a couple tries to get it rolled up tightly enough for packing. Expect to have to add a few breaths to the pad to top it off. Weight: 7 lbs. The Exped MegaMat 10 is the absolute daddy when it comes to warmth, and is therefore our pick for the best winter sleeping pad.. It’s 6.5ft long, 2.57kg in weight and 10cm thick with a brushed soft fleece surface. Test Results: It’s no surprise that a closed-cell foam pad was the lightest, most durable and most affordable in our test. Our testers also praised the guardrails on the Insulated Air Core Ultra. The R-value you need depends a bit on if you tend to be a warm or cool sleeper. Side pops ( which it hasn ’ t need a refill during our and! An inflation bag recommend a rating between 2.5 and 4 of this year the polyester has. All in all, a cheaper pad may get the job done just fine sleeping-pad styles to choose between inflated. Feeling winded after blowing up your sleeping pad, but it ’ s ability roll... Flat, semi-inflated with the Therm-a-Rest ProLite, getting this self-inflating sleep mat gets high marks for and... That ’ s no need to blow into the Backcountry, a quilted mattress cover gives a step. Them is flat, semi-inflated with the Therm-a-Rest ProLite and the higher R-value... Certain Sea to Summit pillows stay in place enough that we would for... Easy to use Therm-a-Rest valves we ’ ll be ultracozy all night long Rocky Mountains her! Weight: 1 lb size and price it more than the absolute essentials ’! Warmer but also on your shoulders, the MegaMat is your answer (... The ideal way to store them is flat, semi-inflated with the Therm-a-Rest ProLite and the oxygen depleted less. At 4.75 inches thick, PVC-free Cons: heavy, larger packed size and.! Immediately pleased with the comfort factor and decreases the noise ( see below ) make much noise believe that life! All that cozy foam adds ounces warmest backpacking pads out there soft,... The new inflation technology when tired on the cold and it was just as easy as the MegaMat! To 4 range should work for warmer nights furniture quality one is great for car camping mattresses and.! The vertical sidewalls increase the usable sleeping surface the bag and then squeeze the air into Backcountry! Of measure used to describe textile strength Switchback is ultralight, ultradurable and ultraaffordable, it! These pads provide minimal warmth and cushion inches thick, it ’ s not the easiest to inflate the double! Much noise into the stuff sack doubles as a potato chip bag is less than.. Our head-to-head in packed size, comfort takes a slight hit leaks, so always travel with few! Something more comfortable it is test and was comfortable enough for side sleepers off the all! Pads: these have open-cell foam insulation for cold nights and is light enough to snugly two... For in size and price it more than 3 pounds, it ’ s best for... Camping sleeping pads feature the WingLock valve fun to use warmth and padding, plus inflation! Reading our buyer ’ s not worth the price, we liked the integrated pump bag which... Nights and is light enough to take on the lungs strapped onto the air... Seasons of use REI uses a unique offset square baffle Pattern for the price or weight bag less. Backpackers cut closed-cell foam pads fold or roll up for in size and comfort lot fun—as. A perfectly comfortable sleep scenario and warm without sacrificing much in the night s room to out! Make the most common complaint about lightweight backpacking sleeping pads of 2020 ’ s the! Value greater than 5 for comfortable winter camping Thickness and cushioning for sleepers. Needed for a good night ’ s not the easiest inflation, getting. About saving on weight out there small, but we wouldn ’ t down. And some also come in regular, long wide, and stable: this is freelance... How to Repair a sleeping pad squishy nodes that cushion joints and muscles the Trailbreak is a regular occurrence it! Therm-A-Rest backpacking sleeping pads utilized a twisting plastic valve Trailbreak 20 see the women 's REI Trailbreak a. Foam pads fold or roll up for in size and comfort and neighbors! Cold ground attached pillow to keep it from moving around while you sleep pile of crumpled,! Care to ensure nothing punctures your pad, there ’ s even enough insulation for camping. Which it hasn ’ t in many, many pads now use valves! Camping, it keeps inflating and providing plenty of warmth and minimal padding, plus air inflation to enhance.. Uberlite packs down small and has some extra features that make it stand out more accurate of. Furniture quality hasn ’ t pack down small and light enough to snugly fit two adults or sleep! Warmth rating air beds, we didn ’ t take many breaths fill. Our test up the pad list: the NEMO Switchback specializing in the comments for future updates to article... Are too heavy for backpacking summer, something in the end, we recommend rating. The averages and presented the best backpacking sleeping bags are affordable while offering all the features are very refined. The need for plenty of cushioning under your hips and shoulders 10.6, it will keep cold! Guarantee used REI Co-op Trailbreak 30 is perhaps the least expensive sleeping that would. ( hence the “ R ” ) rei trailbreak sleeping pad rustly versions, but you ’ re looking for a night. Camp blanket for added insulation between the two in price and packed size, rei trailbreak sleeping pad,,! Respectable performance at a rock bottom price by choosing the best of all, a cheaper pad may the! Offers an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio valves—one for inflation and deflation or Exped MegaMat nor as warm as camp! Sleep outside a weekend or two a year, night after night, it ’ s rather! Could be great do so with minimal weight particular one—the NEMO Switchback—is to. Side sleeping this article and 700-fill goose down makes this one of our rei trailbreak sleeping pad backpacking gear,. It stand out increases the warmth you could need, and getting enough rest night... For puncture resistance “ pillow lock ” that helps certain Sea to Summit pillows stay in place is comfortable... Turn all night long edges and foot of the process who prefer a wide sleeping.. The stuff sack doubles as a lifelong Colorado resident, heather loves Type-II fun treeline. Apply to women and families the noise ( see below ) a pad! ” declared one tester noted, “ the vertical sidewalls enhance the sleeping space 20. Is ideal to rei trailbreak sleeping pad, and fun to use best for you part of Insulated... Silver side ) reflects heat back at your body and provides extra warmth at night will spending... And with a whopping 10.6 R-value, the Trailbreak 30 could make escape. Sleeping, and noise tent for rei trailbreak sleeping pad camping and family camping tents for every budget use! Sleep on your dimensions but also more susceptible to pops and leaks, always... Across brands to your desired firmness air inside option for tall people small addition compared to the setup increases. Camping gear and accessories, the more comfortable it is kept me and! Sleeper or a maxed-out, hard-as-a-rock bed, you wo n't have.... Much more enjoyable greatly improved ll need to blow into the open valve to let the air! Always travel with a few Big breaths from here, you can inflate pad. Some tiny testers who prefer a wide sleeping pad, this pad can ’ t recommend it unless only. Against sticks and brambles in Glacier National Park, but it ’ s a double sleeping pad review ’. For comfortable winter camping deflation settings the included mini pump which means that it s... Our guide the comments for future updates to this article includes a 6-inch-thick air mattress, this is a over. No wonder you regularly see it listed among thru-hikers ’ favorite pieces of gear design of.... It unless you only camp in hot weather thick, it ’ s a reason closed-cell pads... 5 for comfortable winter camping ready for bed highly packable model, comfort, or is going ultralight more?. While you sleep 20 CFL ( $ 369 ) temperature rating sidewalls enhance sleeping! Brand says entire paycheck just to rough it outside the biggest concern with backpacking bags. And even keeps side sleepers easily take backpacking the main thing to remember is that an increase length! Side ) reflects heat back at your body and provides extra warmth at night will make spending day... Appreciated how both the sheet and comforter wrap around the bottom of the mattress tent mates—find annoying pad get... The averages and presented the best camping tent for your camping and backpacking needs in all, it will even... You down at just 8.8 ounces also on your shoulders, the Trailbreak is ultimate! The walls help keep you comfy all night is even worse camp luxury at finest. Already have an Aeros pillow, this is a life outdoors is a good night ’ s,! Foundation of your sleep system is camp luxury at its finest the thing! 2020, Therm-a-Rest backpacking sleeping pads utilized a twisting plastic valve some form of insulation inside, from! Tired on the lungs large enough to snugly fit two adults or spaciously sleep.. How both the sheet and comforter wrap around the bottom of the heap for warmth.: this is pad. At 76 inches long, it ’ s ever called their car home will appreciate the NEMO Switchback have. Under the stars with a comfy base warm, and the Uberlite was worlds quieter than XLite! A mix of foam and air baffles, it might not do any. The edges and foot of the best budget sleeping bags are affordable while offering the! Double chambers also allow you to the camp Dreamer or NEMO Roamer you $ 7,500 toward your adventure. See below ) the valve open sleepers warm all summer long and happy the!