Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Our law firm has a wide experience in AML Law compliance consultancy. We provide full and explicit legal opinions to the Client's requests. 

It is difficult for businesses to keep up with the changing AML regulatory requirements. Further, a minor failure on your part can result in a penalty, loss of reputation, and even legal consequences. So, a good reason is to take advice and support from expertise lawyers. We'll help to fulfilling your AML requirement.

Our consultancy includes the following issues: 

  •  simplified and increased precaution measures in relation with your clients;
  •  necessary law required measures to take in money laundering suspicions;
  •  aplication of the insurance measures in connection of your clients' account and assets;
  •  establishing politics and terms, intern procedures for AML regylatory compliance;
  •  fulfilling your legal duties regarding the AML compliance, as reporting entities;
  •  uptated FATF blacklists,  blacklisted countries or money-laundering and sanctions;
  •  AML legal control procedure, your rights and duties during it, possible sanctions in case of law breaches and challenging the reports and decisions of the Office for prevention and combating of money laundering etc.