Annualy, the European Law Sdudents Association (ELSA) organizes and performs in the Republic of Moldova the National Contest of Law Students.  

ELSA  is an independent network, run by and for students, creating opportunities and providing traineeships at your University. The purpose of the Association is to contribute to legal education, to foster mutual understanding and to promote social responsibility of law students and young lawyers. In 2021 ELSA celebrates its seventh year of expertise in the Republic of Moldova. 

This year, Managing Partner of Cobzac & Partners Mr. Daniel Cobzac has been a member of the jury in the National Contest of Law Students organized by ELSA.

The Contest consisted of three stages. Previously, all students from any Faculty of Law have been invited to apply for entering the National Contest of Law Students up to March, 5th, 2021. Magisters in law aimed to test the students knowledge, oratory skills, analysis and interpretation tactics. The participants could opt for one of the areas of preference: civil law or criminal law.

The first stage was the stage of the written test (grid test) took place on 06.03.2020 in the great temple of the Ministry of Justice.
The second stage consisted of offering solutions to solve a case and took place on 10.03.2020-14.03.2020.
The third stage of the Contest was the stage of the simulated process (28.03.2020).

It is worth to mention that Cobzac & Partners financially supported the contest organized by ELSA in 2021. Certainly, the overwhelming interest of Cobzac & Partners in raising lawyers made its point.