Combining practice of law with academic activity

Our colleague Alina Gaja, PhD student at the Faculty of Law of the State University of Moldova, participated at the National Conference with international participation "Integration through research and innovation" dedicated to the International Day of Science for Peace and Development.

During the conference, Alina spoke about the Peculiarities of the Settlement Agreement concluded in the insolvency proceedings. Alina presented the specific features of the settlement agreement in this special procedure as well as the premises and consequences of concluding the settlement agreement with an insolvent debtor.

The analysis of Alina, as well as of other participants at the conference, can be found in the material published on the Moldova State University website.

Alina proved one more time that she manages to succesfully combine her career as a lawyer with academic activity, her doctoral thesis being on the topic of settlement agreements, and her work at the office including insolvency cases.

We encourage you to read the article published by Alina, you will definitely find useful information in it.