Strategy and Diligence

Cobzac & Partners Law Firm has the uncommon depth of trial experience to stay one step ahead of your opponent. Our thorough investigation allows us to anticipate the possibilities of defence and to develop the best strategy for a successful solution of the case. By doing our homework, we often give ourselves a decisive advantage.


Our firm is devoted to litigation, trials, and dispute resolution, as well as to rendering quality due-diligence services, by involving expertise and skilfulness.


Large firm experience put to use in a small boutique practice with highly personalized attention – easy to reach, punctual, mobile-phone accessible.

Client-Defined Goals

We appreciate that the bottom-line can be more important than a technical win, and work hard to achieve good negotiated settlements consistent with the client’s objectives.

Local know-how

We are focused on dispelling the shadows and blurs of the Moldavan legislation and on overcoming the sometimes strict, conservative regulatory restrictions than can act as a barrier to doing business in the Republic of Moldova, we collaborate with local regulators, so that our clients know exactly where they stand when local laws and regulations may lack clarity.

Cost-Effective and Results-oriented

Our approach is both cost-effective and results-oriented, dedicated to solving the most challenging legal problems our clients face. Cobzac & Partners Firm delivers exceptional value. You will not experience the cost inflation of large firm billable-hour quotas or overstaffed cases. If your case can be favorably resolved early at minimal cost, it will be.