Investing in the country's future

Cobzac & Partners has been involved in social activities by providing first necessity aid.

Due to the financial contribution of Cobzac & Partners, the  tap "Drinking Water" was successfully installed, model "AQUA DURBAN" in two schools:
· Făleștii Noi village, “Făleștii Noi” gymnasium - 301 students
· Mărculești city, “Vasile Alecsandri” gymnasium - 195 students

Currently, the tap is functional and students have access to quality drinking water!

The tap was installed in the school, 7m from the entrance, in a specially arranged space, where students can wash their hands and drink water. This space is close to the gym, classrooms for children with special needs and other classrooms. Along with the tap, the school administration received filters and technical assistance for 2 years.

The "Hai Moldova" team and those who benefited from these valuable and useful gifts express their gratitude.