The Union of Lawyers from the Republic of Moldova awarded our Managing Partner, Daniel Cobzac

We are proud to announce that our Managing Partner, Daniel Cobzac, was awarded the Honorary Diploma (Diploma de Onoare) of the Union of Lawyers from the Republic of Moldova.

This diploma represents the public recognition of the skills, experience and professionalism with which a lawyer fulfills his profession and confirms the high level of knowledge and success in the field of law.

Daniel Cobzac is a lawyer with extensive experience of over 15 years, especially in the field of business law. He proved countless times extraordinary skills and knowledge in law and business, managing to achieve impressive results in complex cases and novel situations.

We are doing our best to represent the interests of our clients and offer them legal assistance at the highest level and we are glad that our efforts are appreciated and recognized. 

We promise to continue to do our job as best as possible and to keep improving.