Pavel Digori

Job: Senior Associate

Pavel Digori  joined our team in 2018 and proved very soon that he is a capable, smart and hard-working lawyer, able to learn new things in a very short period of time. He is mainly specialized in the non-banking financial market, personal data protection, debt recovery, bankruptcy, insolvency and he successfully represents the interests ofclients in civil and administrative cases. During the student years, he was one of the best students and in this sense, he obtained 2 awards - title of ,,Head of Promotion of Moldova State University -2018” and the winner of the ,,Merit Scholarships” program - 2017, organized with the financial support of local renowned bank and a telecommunications company. He was very active, being involved in several professional development projects, as well as doing several internships in the courts, prosecutor's office and in other legal advisory office. 

WORK DEPARTMENT: Consumer Protection, Litigation and Arbitration, Real Estate, Consumer Protection, Insolvency and Restructuring, Bankruptcy and settlement proceedings, Enforcement of receivables, Administrative law, GDPR and protection of personal data.

MEMBER: Moldova Bar Association, licence to practice law

LANGUAGES: Romanian, English and Russian