Spreading Joy at Christmas

The period of winter holidays is associated with gifts, spending quality time with family and friends, but also with helping the less fortunate. This year, the members of the Cobzac & Partners team participated at the Christmas Charity Quiz organized by JURIDICE Moldova, where we managed to win the second place. However, the greatest joy was not taking one of the places on the podium, but the opportunity to contribute so that as many needy people as possible can enjoy at least a little of the spirit of the winter holidays through the campaign Fii Crăciunul în inimile necăjite- ediția V - Acțiuni de caritate în Moldova.

We hope that the Christmas Charity Quiz will become an annual tradition where law firms and other legal specialists have the opportunity to demonstrate their general knowledge and logic, but also to spread the joy of winter holidays. 

Happy Holidays with your loved ones!